“Never apologize for trusting your intuition.” Anonymous 

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3 things that block your intuition

Your intuition is your superpower, and everyone are intuitive. It is all a matter how much care and attention you give to your relationship with your intuition. 

I find it baffling all the times my intuitions has given me guidance and I did not follow it. 

Once I fell head over heels in love with a man. I was on cloud nine and all he did was fantastic, all he said was fantastic. A tiny voice inside of my tried to get my attention: "this is not for you". I did not listen, just...

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I am a Gold-digger

I have big dreams and have great visions. One of my absolute biggest dreams is to earn shitloads of money so that I can enjoy life more, travel and take exciting yoga courses. I want to live in a castle and create peace on earth. "Dream big!" The advice from all self-help gurus. So I dream about being Megan Markle, a dutchess with the muchess... 

I dream about building a school - that is true. I dream about living in a castle, and I do. Today I live in a sweet, safe and tiny red house in...